Specialists in Retail Excellence Academy projects Made to Sell Business Partners are senior consultants in charge of strategic markets with great aspirations to develop high value Retail Excellence Academy projects for clients who are national and international leaders.


Specialists attend a Selling Style training program, which together with management add great value to: – Mapping membership territory (user and prospect companies by sector) – Participating in research and development of sales model content, mystery shopping analysis and training / coaching courses – Business accounting with important user and prospect clients – Implementing sales strategies and tactics for corporate prospect clients – Monitoring and control over carrying out Retail Excellence Academy projects – Studying preventive budgeting logic, plans for implementation and deviations.

Made to Sell - Who are we?

Made to Sell is a management consulting firm specializing in organizing Retail Strategies and Retail Development projects, and in implementing Retail Excellence Academy projects on a global scale.

Our mission: “Work with and offer businesses strategic and operational support, to develop and enhance skills in the sales network, with the aim of achieving tangible improvement in business performance."

Our clients are leading national and international companies in various industries. Made to Sell Business Partners are valuable in ensuring that Retail Excellence Academy projects grow organically in various strategic sectors. Business Partners oversee Key Country Clients, adding value to relationships with high-level management and monitoring Retail Excellence Academy projects.


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