“Seller Ability”, under Potential Assessment, allows thorough analysis of the staff’s potential, unique characteristics to be identified so as to obtain an individual profile of the stores evaluated. This evaluation is valuable for:

  • Career development
  • Thoroughly identifying training needs
  • Relocating staff to the most appropriate position based on the role played
Complying each candidate’s report utilizes a series of tests and exercises such as: a battery of tests (personality and aptitude), structured and unstructured group trials, simulations, role play, “In Basket Exercise” and other assessment methods. Diagnostic tools are structured ad hoc following analysis with management and the company’s branch.

ONLINE Potential Assessment

Tasks structured via accessing Business Resources to be evaluated at the OnLine SellingExperience.Com portal, with the goal of developing the following diagnostic tests:

  • Behavioural Test
  • Sales Competence Test
  • Management Competence Test
  • Problem Solving: Inbasket Role Test
  • Following test processing, the assessor will elaborate the profiles and publish (in a reserved area) a Potential Evaluation Report for each staff member analyzed.