Made to Sell Retail Trainers are consultants with great expertise in retail dynamics in an international context.
They are motivated to develop know-how, conduct research and design skills workshops on sales and management, as well as supervise complex in-store issues.
A Made to Sell Retail Trainer facilitates the learning and development processes of the sales culture directly in-store through 1-to-1 coaching aimed at improving core KPIs.
A Made to Sell Trainer must be motivated and passionate about training and focused on enhancing both individual and group performances.

What do we do?

What requirements does a Made to Sell Retail Trainer need to access the International “Selling Style” Empowerment Consultants team?

– Experience in international retail contexts
– A 3 or 5 year degree (preferably in Psychology, Economics, Marketing)
– At least 5 years’ experience developing / delivering retail training or coaching
– Great willingness to research and develop sales and management ideas
– Ability to design and conduct in-store training and coaching.

Made to Sell - Who are we?

Made to Sell is a management consulting company specializing in retail sales strategies and development projects and in implementing Retail Excellent Academy projects on a global scale.

Our mission: "Work with and offer retail companies strategic and operational support, to develop and enhance skills in the sales network, with the aim of achieving tangible improvement in business performance."
Our clients are leading national and international companies in various industries.
Made to Sell Retail Trainers are valuable in supporting retail culture through the Retail Excellence Academy, and in codifying Sales and Management processes with the aim of increasing both the effectiveness of the sales behavior model and Sell Out Performance indicators.

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